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Example: Sarah Saransen comes from the North East of England. She studied Law at Bath University before moving to London and taking up numerous roles within industry. Her roles to date have included x, y and z. Of note, whilst undertaking x, she was directly involved with parliament as the head advisor for the project. ​

She is currently working for Sarah Law inc where she is a senior partner specialising in criminal law. She leads a team of 10 on a daily basis and whilst mainly UK based, spends a lot of time travelling, particularly to the US where she does a, b and c. Sarah lives in Chiswick and is married to Robert and they have two children, Robbie and Samantha. She has a keen interest in the military having been a member of the Army cadets in her youth and also enjoys cycling and running.​

Sarah is looking forward to joining the AFC so that she can support the charitable work that the club does as well as meeting like minded individuals and being part of something that supports the wider military community.